ZeroStation Flea’s Market

ZeroStation Flea’s Market by ZeroStation is sort of a total work, a Carnival, a Gesamkunstwerk where everything can be mixed, art, life, commercial, contemporary experiment, workshop, Yoga, money, idealism, utopian and practical

This format is created by ZeroStation to search for new ways for art and dialogues to happen that can overcome all barriers

The general format of ZeroStation Flea Market is to invite vendors ( by calling for application) to sell their products (every market will have different vendors which depends on the curatorial idea of ZeroStation at that time. The vendors can sell hand made objects, clothing or event vegetable…

Besides that the ZeroStation Flea’s Market complex also offers a playground and market for:
– Arts & crafts market (DYI products preferred)
– Art workshops
– Live music
– Film screening (not hollywood movies but independent films by local film makers )

So far there have been 5 editions of ZeroStation Flea’s Market. In the future it could be combine more things and having more fun. Let’s see

    ZeroStation Flea's Market
    ZeroStation Flea's Market 2
    Vietnam Television Chanel on ZS Flea's Market
    ZeroStation Flea's Market Film
    ZeroStation Flea's Market concert
    ZeroStation Flea's Market
    ZeroStation Flea's Market