ZeroStation’s Art education project 2012-2013

in 2012-2013, ZeroStation signed a contract to provide an art education program to ADS International Design and Art center. This program includes 4 session, 1-contemporary art theory introduction, 2-conceptual photography, 3-contemporary cinema, and 4- graffiti.

The program ran in two years, and at the end of each year an exhibition of all the student works was planed to take place in ZeroStation. However, for some reason, there was only one exhibiton was done within this project. The exhibition was in 2013 and titled “Estalishing the instability” which inclued about ten individual students and students group with some interesting work such as the one by Nguyen Bao Hoai Linh (watch it in the clip in the video part ). Before taking par in the class Linh had had no idea of art. She had never been in any exhibition or did any sort of artwork. However after the class she did a performance piece that was tiled “inverted bathing” in which she took a bath in public with the watet that she had collected form her bathing water in one month before. The disturbing work with the smell water refered to her situation as a Lesbian who everyday was discriminated by others.

Linh work can tell very much of the spirit of the art education that ZeroStation would like to introduce: 1/ handling over the suitable the instrument for peopel to express what they think; 2/everyone can be artist as far as they have something to tell out

This was the first time in Vietnam graffiti has been brought officiallly in an art school

Graffiti class
The performance pieace by Nguyen Bao Hoai Linh, an ADS student
in the class of contemporary art theory introduction
The finla exhibition of ADS students in ZeroStation
in the class of conceptual photography
AMerican artist Morgan O'Hara perfomed in the class